This is a tumblr for the slythermore tinychat! It was created for all of us wonderful snakes to connect with one another since there's no messaging on Pottermore!

11th September 2011

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Thanks to everyone who showed up!

It was awesome to have y’all there! I’m signing out for the night but I’ll be sure to post when the chat has some mods on it again!

Until then…mischief ma-



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11th September 2011


Sending Tinychat Pass as an Ask!

So those of you who have replied, just check your inbox!

And don’t forget to spread the word!

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11th September 2011

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Want to connect with your fellow snakes? →

Maybe you need some ingredients or you’re just tired of not being able to talk to your housemates? Or maybe you’re just bored while your potion is brewing! No matter the reason you should stop by and say hi! We have potion brewing tips and discussions about the site and books!

Just reply with your username and I will send you the password. Can’t let any claws or gryffs in now can we ;)

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